New Beginnings, Part 1

5837865120_ea5ccebf78_z (1)We often think of a new day as a new beginning. We also have new beginnings in relationships, careers, or when moving into a new house or another state or country. In some ways we face new beginnings daily. Some of these are good, others not so good, and some really great.

Today let’s focus on new beginnings in areas you may have been neglecting in pursuit of things that are all good, but if you do not begin anew in these areas, the price will be costly.

A new beginning with spiritual disciplines

You may need to begin anew with your spiritual disciplines. There is a tendency with most of us to neglect our spiritual disciplines when life gets hectic. This is no less true of leaders. Although we claim to love God and say that He is the reason for what we do, when life gets busy, too often the first thing that begins to fall on the wayside is our spiritual discipline. Somehow we convince ourselves God will understand; we have a lot to do. Or we convince ourselves that we can maintain our spiritual growth and commitment on the times of spiritual discipline we had in the past.

Whenever a leader loses her or his way, one contributing factor almost always is neglect of the practice of spiritual disciplines.

Maybe you are one of those leaders who have been neglecting your spiritual disciplines in pursuit of doing other things. I want to encourage you to make a new beginning by making time regularly to practice spiritual disciplines on a daily basis.

Through daily practice of your spiritual disciplines you remain connected to God, and gain clarity and directions from the One who called you to be a leader in His kingdom.

New beginnings with your self-care

Another area that is too often neglected for leaders is that of physical self-care. Too many leaders are busy trying to do the work of leading others while failing to lead themselves. Good leadership begins with self-leadership. Self-neglect could result in the shortening or limiting of your role as a leader. It also can result in making your leadership less effective than it otherwise might have been.

Failing to maintain a healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis, getting sufficient sleep, and taking time to rest and relax are all signs of self-neglect. When you need coffee, energy drinks and sugar to keep you awake, and then need something else to relax in order to sleep, that is usually a sign that you are in self-neglect.

Maybe for you this is where you need to have a new beginning. You know your body is running down, and if you don’t do something now, the consequences could be great. You have only one body for this journey here on earth, so why not take care of it so you can enjoy the ride. I recently heard a friend repeating a phrase he often heard from his dad: “If I knew I would live this long, I would have taken better care of my body.” That phrase has encouraged me to make a new beginning with my self-care.

Time for an honest assessment

Examine your life and see if there is need for a new beginning when it comes to your spiritual disciplines and/or your physical self-care. Be honest with yourself when you do so. Ask those closest to you to help you make an honest assessment, and take the steps necessary to begin anew where necessary.

Next week we look at two more areas where a new beginning might be necessary for you.

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