A Winning Communication Style

12988936305_4c018c45ba_zA key to success for every leader is good communication. Many talented and gifted leaders fail to get others to follow them because of their bad communication style. The good news is, every leader can work on developing a winning communication style.

Before we talk about a winning communication style let’s briefly look a three communication styles which do not serve a leader well if any one of them is the leader’s preferred style. Keep in mind that the communication style you model for you followers is what will become the culture of the organization.

Making the Conscious Mental Shift

PrioritiesLast week in talking about overcoming exhaustion I suggested the first thing you must do to overcome your exhaustion is to make a conscious mental shift. Although I mentioned what making a conscious mental shift would look like, I really need to go a little deeper in explaining how one goes about making a conscious mental shift.

Overcoming Exhaustion

Exercise regularlyLast week we looked at some of the contributors of exhaustion. I suggested that you look over the list of contributors and see if you can identify any one of them as a regular part of your life. This week I want us to look at steps we can take to overcome the exhaustion in our lives as leaders.

  1. Make a conscious mental shift.

Before you make any lasting change you have to make a conscious mental shift. The mistake many people make is to initiate changes without making the necessary mental adjustment.

Exhausted Leaders

Tired ManOne of the biggest challenges most leaders face is exhaustion. It’s one thing to be exhausted at the end of a long, hard day, but then have the time and resources to re-energize. It’s quite another to begin and end every day exhausted. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be the norm for too many leaders.

What does it mean to be exhausted?