Honesty and Accountability

5 Steps to Rediscovering Your Passion for Life and Leadership Step 3

Where do you go to be completely honest with what you are feeling, thinking and going through without being judged? Who hears your heart with all its fears, joys and concerns?  Who do you have to be straight up in your face honest with you, to let you hear the hard truth even when you do not want to hear it? Many of us, especially leaders, do not have such honesty and accountability in our lives. And for many, the consequences have been tragic.

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I have come to learn that such honesty and accountability is essential for us to live life and to lead with passion, vision, purpose and excellence. It also helps to avoid the disillusionment of self-sufficiency. I have heard many people, myself included, say, “I know if I had a place to be honest

Create Margin in Your Life

5 Steps to Help You Rediscover Your Passion for Life and Leadership – Step 2 

Last week we explored the importance of setting goals as essential to restoring purpose and passion in life and leadership. This week in step two we want to look at the importance of creating margin in your life as you work toward your goals.

If you have goals, but do not intentionally prioritize them in your calendar on a daily basis, you will continue to live in a state of frustration.


Step 2 – Create Margin in Your Life
To achieve life goals we all need margin in our lives.

Margin is the space we create so we can breathe and not feel pressed down or crushed by all we have to do in life and ministry. Dr. Richard Swenson, in his book, Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, describes margin