A Review: The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating

Love, Sex DatingWhen it comes to love, sex and dating, the advice seems endless. As a matter of fact, you can find any advice that you most want to believe. Or, if you will be honest with yourself, you must admit that God’s design for love, sex and dating is still the only right and most beneficial way.

This brings me to why this week I have chosen to blog on the topic of love, sex and dating. For one thing, I believe the readership of my blog should have a clear and consistent message to offer those who would seek their advice in this area.

Secondly, I am committed to sharing great resources with you whenever I come across them. So in this week’s blog, I will share a great resource I recently found in the form of a book written by Andy Stanley founder of North Point Ministries in Atlanta, Ga. The book, The Rules for Love, Sex & Dating, has to be one of the most insightful and powerful books I have read on the topic.

5 Key Factors to Having the Right Influence on Those You Lead

keys blueLast week we looked at two ways a leader can influence her followers. One is by the use of power, authority and the control of the resources that come with leadership. The other way is by letting them know and feel respected, valued and trusted.

The latter way of influencing is far more difficult to achieve but far more rewarding both for the leader and the followers. When people feel trusted, respected and valued by their leaders, they will be motivated to do their best work.

Let us look at some key factors that are necessary to have the kind of influence that will motivate your followers to do their best work.

If Leadership is Influence, What Kind of Influence are You Using to Lead?

leadership control

As a trainer and coach of leaders worldwide, John Maxwell made the saying, “leadership is influence” popular. But exactly what do we mean by leadership is influence?

One definition of influence is, “the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others

Influence can be derived from one of two places. The one is the use of power and authority that comes with leadership to influence the behavior and opinions you want. This kind of leadership by influence is using position and power that comes with leadership to manipulate the outcome you desire.

Survival Guide to Successful Leadership, Part 3

Father and sonFor the past two weeks, we have been looking at the survival guide to successful leadership. We have discussed a number of tools that are essential for any leadership role.

So far we have looked at things such as teachability, being a good listener, forgiveness, core values, delegation and communication. This week, let’s consider yet another skill that is crucial to successful leadership.

Successful leadership calls for a leader to be open minded and willing to change. Open-minded leaders are those who listen with sincerity to the opinions and suggestions of those they lead. It is destructive for any leader to believe that only their ideas are correct and should be unquestioned or unchallenged by those under their leadership.