Have a Good Day!

Smiley face 2Why does it seem like some people are always having a good day while your day seems not to be going so well?

Is there some secret to always – or at least usually – having a good day? Is it the luck of the draw? Is it in your personality make up? You can use any one of those as a reason for why you may not be having a good day. The reality is that some things can be done at the start of your day to help you have a good day.

I want to suggest five things you can do that just might help you have a good day.

Rising from the Rut of Self-Neglect

Moscow Farmers MarketSelf-care is a challenge that most people – especially leaders – continue to face. For some, self-neglect is worn almost as a badge of honor. You do not feel you can talk about yourself unless you can talk about how tired and hardworking you are, and how little time you have for yourself. Who talks about life being calm, rested and focused?

Here are some signs of self-neglect:

Part 2: Is Busy the New Normal?

CalendarLiving at a Manageable Pace

Last week we asked the question, “Is Busy the New Normal?” Together we looked at some signs to indicate you are too busy. This week we will explore how you can regain control of your life and begin to live life at a more manageable pace.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Therefore the issue is not having enough time but having too many things to do in the time you have. How can you best use your time and avoid becoming too busy? Consider the following.

Is Busy the New Normal?

medium_2533996623In today’s busy world it is common to think that unless you are crazy busy you are somehow not being effective or normal. Unfortunately, we have bought into the myth that busy is normal.

I recall a time in my life as a leader when I bought into that myth. I was on call 24/7 and felt I was needed; that gave me a sense of value. In the process I neglected my family, my health, my spiritual and psychological well-being.

What are some signs that you may be doing too much?