Are You Always Too Tired to Be at Your Best? (Do You Know It?)

Tired menTiredness is something with which we are all too familiar.  If you ask the average person if they are tired, they would probably say yes.

Is this how we are meant to live our lives, in a constant state of tiredness? Or is it that we have not been responsible with our time management and have allowed ourselves to be over-worked?

I know there are times when tiredness is a symptom of a physical problem that needs to be checked out. I also am aware that tiredness is good when it represents having worked hard.

But the tiredness I am talking about today is what we experience due to being over-worked and over-committed. It’s that constant state of tiredness in which so many, especially those with leadership responsibilities, operate.

Give up Judgment, Add Grace

13985493623_d5f57655e2Believe it or not the Lenten season is upon us once again. It’s that time when we start thinking about what we are either going to give up or add to our lives for the next 40 days. For many, this is a time of reflection and making adjustments to their lives.

In thinking about the Lenten season two words came to mind: grace and judgment. These two words are central to this season. Because amazing grace was shown to us through the suffering and death of God’s Son Jesus, we will and can stand in the Day of Judgment and not be condemned for our sins.

I also started thinking about grace and judgment in terms of how we relate to each other and wondered how different life might be if we intentionally lived more graciously toward one another and less judgmentally.

Show a Little Kindness

KindnessWith so much anger and hostility in the world today, kindness and gentleness stand out when we see them in action around us.

I read a heartwarming news article on the Internet today about some Target employees taking the time to help a young man who came into the store to get a clip-on tie for a job interview. The store does not carry clip on ties, so the young man bought a regular tie and the employees assisted him with tying it and gave him some coaching on how to handle the interview. A customer in the store saw what was happening, took a photo, and posted it online. The story went viral. The customer who took the photo commented, “It was a very quiet simple moment, but it was very profound honestly [sic] kindness . . .  from strangers . . . in a Super Target.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if most of the news stories we read or saw were stories of kindness, and the ones that went viral were the stories of anger and hostility because they are so rarely seen? In reality, the heartwarming stories are not the ones that make most of the news.

Mistakes: We All Make Them. What Can We Learn from Them?

Mistakes (1)A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
– Albert Einstein

Recall the last mistake you made. How did you handle it? Did you own up to it, and perhaps learn something from it? Or did you try to blame it on someone or something else and move on? If your response was the latter, you have plenty of company – it is the response of most people.

Most of us fear making mistakes, and when we do, we try to rationalize them away. The reality is, mistakes are a part of life and we should not live our lives in fear of making them. Rather we should learn from our mistakes or we run the risk of repeating them.

How can we learn from our mistakes?