Living with Our Weaknesses

Superman n KryptoniteI am dyslexic, and as a result, reading and writing are very tedious for me. I naturally struggle to comprehend what I am reading, and trying to capture my thoughts in writing is a real challenge.

While these are real issues for me, I have lived most of my life trying not to let others see my weaknesses. I have tried to appear as I perceived others to be – without weaknesses.

Why do we try so hard to not let others see our weak places? Why is it we always want to come across as strong and in control to those around us? Why do we deny our weak places when others point them out to us?

Find Fulfillment in Focusing on What You Can Control

medium_2180730442As I sit here in front of my computer writing this post it is wet, cold, gray and raining outside. It has not been dry or sunny here in weeks. To be honest, this could easily and quickly get old and downright depressing. The forecast for the next 10 days indicates the likelihood of some sun. Then again, this is the weather we’re talking about – something which we have no control over.

How many of us let something like the weather get us down to the point of being angry and depressed? The question is, why allow something like the weather, over which we have no control, make us angry and depressed?


Exhausted 1Exhausted is an experience that is common to many of us, perhaps more so with those who have leadership responsibilities. Why is it that we seem to spend so much of our life being exhausted?

Life is demanding. Certainly there is much to get done. Surely we have to keep up, or we’ll be left behind . . . or so we think.

In our effort to keep up, we become exhausted, not enjoying the journey but only trying to achieve goals. Yet too often when we achieve a goal, we end up unfulfilled; so we take on more in pursuit of other elusive goals, all the while becoming more exhausted in the process.

Welcome to 2015: The Choice is Yours

medium_10705151813I know I am four days late but nevertheless, let me welcome you to 2015. I imagine some of you are looking forward to 2015 with excitement because of the potential you believe it holds for you. Others of you are not excited about 2015 because the outlook does not look positive.

Whether you are excited or anxious, let me share some things you can do that will help make 2015 a wonderful and fulfilling year.

First, understand that you have the power to choose. This is a God-given power that even God will not override. That makes you the most powerful actor in your life.