When Talents, Gifts and Knowledge are Not Enough

29746976905_ee6706c2a8_zSuccessful leadership takes more than your gifts, knowledge and talents as a leader. It is also about how you show up as leader. If you are tired, stressed and distracted, you will not be able to lead effectively. Too many leaders focus on gaining more knowledge and ideas on leadership, and neglect their self-care. Let me suggest a few simple steps for taking care of yourself that, along with your gifts, knowledge and talents, will help you be a more effective and successful leader.

When Leaders Are Easily Offended

16087536844_041122218e_zHave you had the experience of working under a leader who took every criticism personally? Not only did he take things personally, but he did not forget those who offended him. He knew how to hold a grudge. Whenever he talked about those who offended him, he never had a kind thing to say about them. Somewhere in his heart he felt good and justified when that person failed, fell short or made a mistake.

I wish I could say that kind of leadership only happens in the secular organizations. The truth is, it is all too common in the church and Christian organizations as well. In some cases the secular organizations are far more transparent and forgiving.

The question is, are you such a leader? Do you see characteristics of one who is easily offended? If so, let me offer some suggestions that will help you to not be a leader who is easily offended.

Managing Your Energy is More Important than Managing Your Time

2160249580_e52586e83d_z (1)As leaders we hear much about time management. With all the responsibilities of leadership comes an acute concern for time management. I constantly hear things like:

  • “I am trying to keep up.”
  • “I have to guard my time.”
  • “I don’t have enough time for my family.”
  • “If I only had the time I would….”
  • “I am too busy.”
  • Add a phrase which expresses your concern about time management.

Concern for proper time management is important for effective leadership, but proper energy management is far more important.

What Impact is Your Leadership Making?


Sometimes leaders can be like a tornadoes leaving the wreckage of organizations and people in their wake.

Whether stated clearly on the job description or implied, leaders are hired to make an impact. A leader’s impact usually results in change for the organization.

I am sure some of us have been affected by leaders in such a way that it pains us to talk about the experience driven by abuse of power, egocentricity, and attitudes of “I’m always right,” “my way or the highway” or “feel free to challenge my ideas, but I am not going to change my mind.”