Client Testimonials

What People Say

Coaching is an art, and Errol is a master artist. I have been privileged to have Errol as my coach during the most significant season of my life both personally and professionally. His ability to lead with listening and delicately talk through what he is hearing has given me the perspective I need to navigate significant transition and difficult decisions. His supportive nature, intuitive demeanor and the uncanny ability to make the complex simple has helped me cut through the fog and see clearly who God has created and is calling me to be as a leader in my context.

Errol took the time needed to understand my unique gifts and abilities as well as the context I serve. This investment shows up each time we meet. His questions, comments and perspectives are evidence that he has heard my heart, has sensed how God is leading me and desires to help me confidently land on the path where these two roads meet. The investment in coaching is an investment that is and will continue to yield dividends for years to come.

Rev. Nathan M. Roskam (MA), Pastor to Young Adults
Nampa (Idaho) First Church of the Nazarene

Errol has helped me to find ways to tangibly reach goals for myself and my family.  He has had a natural way of engaging me with questions that encouraged me to think hard about my options and with more purpose.  Due to this skill, his coaching has helped me to greatly speed up the decision making process.  Therefore, I have been able to take many more positive actions toward my future and God’s will for my life.  He is an inspiring life coach!

Vikki J. Paese, Equine Relationship Therapy and Family Coach
Anderson, South Carolina

Life coaching with Errol has changed my life.  Errol has helped me clarify goals, life direction, and spiritual needs and desires.  Coaching has increased my ability to identify what I want out of life and how to establish a direction to obtain what I want to accomplish.  Errol has always been compassionate, empathetic, and grace filled.  Errol’s passion and faith are evident and an essential part of the coaching process.  Although Errol’s relationship with Christ is impassioned I never felt pushed or judged to “simply” believe the same way.  Errol challenged my beliefs and experience in a loving and compassionate way that allowed me freedom to explore and experience Jesus in God’s timing.  I have gained clarity and the ability to determine the best path to pursue to accomplish my life goals.

Matthew Boyd, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Life Counseling Center, Nampa, ID

I am a full time student, married, and working a part time job. I lived a chaotic and unorganized life due to the crazy schedule I had. Then I started meeting with Errol and it was like my foggy world began to become a clear picture. I started to feel that I was moving forward rather than spiraling nowhere. An hour session with someone who listens and asks the right questions helps me gain clarity. Through Errol’s coaching, I have not only become a better me but a more confident me. I do not fear the chaos; instead I am able to forge a clear path.

The most amazing thing about the help Errol offers is that he is not simply giving me answers; he is helping me find the answers I already know. He has worked with me to think about what is practical and achievable. The best part is that it is my plan, not anyone else’s. Coaching is not a counseling session, but a practical way to gain clarity, make life more manageable and goals more achievable. If I could recommend anyone for those who need help de-cluttering and finding focus, I would recommend Errol Carrim.

Nathan Hunter
Pastor to Youth and Children
Nampa, Idaho