Is Frustration the New Normal?

5 Steps to Help You Rediscover Passion for Life and Leadership – Step 1

  • Can you recall the last time you felt enthusiastic or excited about life and your leadership responsibilities?
  • Do you wake up each day with a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, or of depression and dread?
  • Do you come to the end of your day feeling you have had a meaningful, satisfying and successful day; or do you feel tired, discouraged and overworked?

GoalsIf any of the negative aspects are true, perhaps most
frustrating of all is that life was not always like this. Now, you are wondering what happened? Where has the passion gone? Is frustration my new normal? Through the next five weeks, I will share five steps you can take to help you renew your passion for life and leadership. You may be surprised at how simple these steps are. Yet what a difference they will make in your life and ministry!

This week, let’s look at the first step.