Where Do You Get the Power to Lead?

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday. We are reminded of the promise made and kept by Jesus to his followers when he was on Earth with them. On more that one occasion he promised that when he left this Earth he would send the Holy Spirit to represent him and be with his followers (see Acts 1:4-5).

The presence of the Holy Spirit with us is more than a reminder of Jesus. The Spirit’s presence also means we will be empowered to do the work of God (see Luke 24:48-49).

It is interesting to note that the disciples knew their assignments before they were filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to carry them out. After telling them to go and make disciples of all nations starting inJerusalem and going out to the ends of the earth, Jesus told them to go and wait in Jerusalem for the promised Holy Spirit.

As ministry leaders you too have been given an assignment by God. The question is where do you get your power to lead?

Many leaders believe their power comes from their position as lead pastor or from being the leader of particular ministry. For others their power is derived from their education. They may have a master’s degree or two, perhaps even a doctorate, or may have done extensive studies in a particular field. It can be tempting to believe that position, education or some other achievement provides a source of power.

Some may believe their power comes from past success. They may have been successful in leading change and seeing growth in the past, so they see their past as giving them the power to lead.

Any of the above means of deriving power to lead is far from what Jesus intended for his followers. Jesus referred to only one source of power which would enable his followers to fulfill their assignment: being filled with Holy Spirit. The world offers leaders many ways to get power to lead; Jesus offers only one.

How do we access the power of the Holy Spirit to lead?

First, we learn to wait on God. The power to lead by the Holy Spirit is not given to us on our own terms. We must wait on God, and receive the Spirit on God’s terms. Waiting is hard, especially in today’s fast-paced culture. No one wants to wait; we want everything fast. However, to receive the power to lead that is given by the Holy Spirit, we must learn to wait on God.

We would also do well to follow the example of the disciples by gathering together with other believers to await empowerment and direction from God. Jesus’ followers gathered in Jerusalem to await the promised gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1). After receiving the Spirit, they lived and proclaimed the Good News, and were united in purpose (2:44). Joining with others to attain and maintain unity in the Spirit is critical to living lives of service under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Maybe your leadership is being challenged and you are feeling like you are powerless to lead. Perhaps what you most need to do is wait, live in harmony with others, and trust God to give you the power you need to lead.

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