Big Transitions for the Carrim Family

Students pictured on the Nazarene Theological College campus, set in foothills on 44 acres of park-like grounds, just northwest of Johannesburg.

Happy New Year to you, your family and those you lead. Welcome to 2019. I hope you are looking forward with excitement and promise for where 2019 will take you. God has been good to us and He has led us this far. I am certain God will continue to lead as we make our lives available.

In 2019, my family and I begin a major transition as we obediently follow God’s leading into a new phase of life. As of Jan. 1, Rhonda and I are employed by the Global Missions Department of our denomination (Church of the Nazarene), and we will be moving from Nampa, Idaho, to Johannesburg, South Africa, where Rhonda will serve as principal of Nazarene Theological College South Africa. As for me, well, we are not sure what my role will look like yet – that is for the principal to decide!

As a result of this transition and the uncertainty of what the pace of life will look like in the coming months, I want you to know that, while I will not stop posting my blogs, the frequency will change in these initial months.

Beginning this month, I aim to post at least two blogs each month, on the first and third Sundays. As my schedule unfolds, I will see how I can adjust the frequency. I figure if the principal is not too demanding it will work out all right.

While I will not be posting as frequently, remember that four plus years of timeless blogs are available on my website. Make use of them in whatever way(s) they may be of help to you or someone else.

I know many of you have gotten used to receiving my blog on Sunday nights for the past four and a half years. I am thankful and blessed that you allow me to show up in your inbox each week. I wish to express my thanks for the many words of encouragement you have provided in response to my blogs. Many times when I was struggling for inspiration to write, a response from one of you inspired me to write another blog. Thank you!

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As we begin this new year, let us together go forward with hope and optimism in pursuit of excellence in all areas of our lives and in all we do to the honor and glory of the God who gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, that we might have eternal hope.

Here is my challenge to you as you start the year.

  • Take few minutes and review your life as it is at the moment.
  • Identify one or two areas you want to improve upon, and then commit to seek excellence in those areas.
  • Seek out a friend or mentor to help.
  • Find resources in the areas you are working on that you may gain knowledge and insight on how to improve in those areas.

While in your pursuit of excellence, if you feel I can be of any help, please reach out.

If you would like help in achieving your goals as a leader or in any area of your life, call us at 208-880-0307 or email us at to schedule a complimentary coaching session. To read Errol’s other posts, visit Christ-Centered Life Coaching.