When Your Desire to be Faithful is Overtaken by Your Desire to Win

Winning at all costsThe desire to win is natural to humans; we can see this trait from the early stages of childhood.

Toddlers fight because they need to win, although they do not know that is what they are doing. We become adults and continue to fight to win, but we tend to be more subtle about it now that we can rationalize why we need to win.

Whether vying for a toy, a position, a desired outcome, or just being right, we want to come out on top; we want to win.

We adults can be manipulative: we may lie or deliberately withhold the whole truth. We may use power to control, or words to cut down others. Some may use physical intimidation or abuse to win.

As followers of Christ we are called to focus on faithfulness rather than winning. This is challenging for the follower of Jesus, because it would appear that the desire to win at all cost is in our DNA.

Though it may be challenging, it is possible to not allow the need to win to overtake our faithfulness to Jesus. This challenge is especially true for leaders.

Much of the literature, seminars or conversations on leadership focus on winning. This is not bad in and of itself. The problems come when we are willing to pursue winning at all costs.

As leaders we win, or succeed, in the right way when we make our faithfulness to Jesus and our call to lead the key factors in our decision making. Faithfulness to Jesus means that when we have succeeded – or won – it will be fulfilling, honoring and rewarding, not only to us, but to Jesus and others.

How do you keep your desire to be faithful from being overtaken by your desire to succeed or win on your own terms?

  1. Clarify your values. Take time to know what you believe and why. Then ask yourself this important question: Am I willing to compromise on any of these values so I can win? As a follower of Jesus, your values should be based on your relationship with him.
  2. Ask family, friends, and those with whom you work closely how they perceive you in light of your values? If the responses show disparity between what you believe and what they perceive, you need to ask if your desire to be faithful is being overtaken by your desire to win.
  3. When making tough win or lose decisions, always ask the question, “What is the next right thing to do that will honor the Lord?” It is not a matter of whether you “win” or “lose” but whether your decisions are honoring to the Lord that really matters.

Are you tempted to win over remaining faithful to Jesus Christ? If that is where you are, I suggest you take some time to clarify your values before moving forward.

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Photo credit: Parks Footy via photopin cc