The One Question that will Revolutionize Your Decision-Making and Life Going Forward

If you knew one question that would have prevented you from making a major life mistake, would you have asked it?

What if you discovered that question today? Would you use it to help avoid mistakes in your decisions going forward?

I think I just heard your response: “Well, duh!”

The question is available to you, and you can start using it immediately.

I came across the question in a book written by Andy Stanley of North Point Church in Atlanta. The book is titled, Ask It. The book is about this question and how it applies to your life.

Here is the question you are encouraged to ask before you make decisions that would affect you financially, spiritually, morally, physically and professionally.

Is it the wise thing to do?

You are probably saying, “That’s it? I thought you were going to say something profound?”

Before you stop reading, let me share three angles from which Andy suggests we should look at this question:

  1. “In light of my past experience, what is the right thing to do?” The challenge here is to consider when you made similar decisions in the past. How did they turn out?

Perhaps you feel the need to lose some weight. So you decide to start a diet and exercise program for the holiday season. Before you make that decision, look back at how that worked for you in the past, then use that knowledge in guiding your decision-making.

  1. “In light of my current circumstances, what is the wise thing to do?” Given the way things are currently – your emotions, your state of mind and the season of life you are in – is it the wise thing to do?

You may be upset over something hurtful a family member said, and you are planning to have Christmas dinner with that person. Before you have a go at them and ruin Christmas for the rest of the family, consider your emotional state and consider the best, most healthy way to handle the situation.

  1. “In light of my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?”

We all have hopes and dreams. The problem is we tend to live as if what we are doing        now has no effect on those hopes and dreams.  The challenge here is to ask yourself, “How will this decision impact my hopes and dreams of __________?”

In the book, Andy raised another question: After asking the question from the angles just discussed, if you do not have an answer, which is quite possible, what do you do?

He suggests we seek out others who are wiser than we are, and ask them to give their honest opinion. He puts it like this, “Wise people know when they don’t know, and they are not afraid to go to those who do know.”

I found two things that are vital to applying this question to decision-making: honesty and obedience. It is one thing to arrive at an answer; it’s quite another thing to be honest with yourself and follow through.

I challenge you to apply this question to the next decision you have to make and see where it leads.

After reading the book, I doubt you will want to make another major life decision without considering the implication of the question, “Is it the wise thing to do?”

I recommend you get the book and read it. It will be worth time and money.

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