Slow Down . . . or Be Slowed Down

Praising at BeachWe live in such a busy culture that slowing down to regain perspective is often seen as getting in the way of the goals we have set. Unfortunately, it often takes loss of perspective, a crisis and a forced break to enable us to see that slowing down was not a hindrance to the goal. Instead, we now see that slowing down should be something we do on a regular basis. We all can point to a friend, acquaintance, family member or even our own lives as examples of the casualty of living too fast without giving time to assess how we are living.

What are some of the consequences of the fast-paced living of our day?

Poor health. We can get so busy caring for others that we neglect to care for our own physical well-being. We neglect rest, healthy eating, exercise and sleep, all the while saying to ourselves, “I don’t have the time right now to take care of myself. What I am doing right now is far more important.”

Can I ask you, what can be more important than your physical health? What happens when you are slowed down or set aside when your health fails because of neglect? At that point, everything–and I mean, everything–changes.

It is one thing to be laid aside because of an accident or an illness over which you had no control. It is quite another matter to find yourself laid aside because you neglected caring for yourself. The guilt and psychological struggle is intensified when damage is life changing.

Relationships suffer. Relationships neglected cannot and will not survive. When we are too busy chasing dreams while neglecting to enrich existing relationships, the results are usually either distance or separation of those relationships that were once important to us.
Marriages end, children become estranged from their parents, and once close friends are now strangers.

Our passion for God and things spiritual dwindles. It seems that when we get busy, we begin to tell ourselves that God is the most understanding of how busy we are. As a result, we seem to think that if we don’t spend time alone with Him on a regular basis–deepening our relationship and allowing Him to speak to us–He will understand. After all we are busy doing “important” things, and often for God! Have a conversation with busy Christians about their spiritual life and listen to their rationalizations for neglecting to spend time alone with God, or for why they are not as passionate about the things of God as they once were.

Being too busy to slow down and attend to the things in your life that really matter does not come without major consequences. Some of us are living with consequences today that we know could have been avoided had we slowed down to regain some perspective on how we were living.

The good news is that you can avoid making the same mistakes today by becoming intentional: slow down, take a step back and take inventory on the present course of your life. Have you become too busy to care for your physical healthy, your relationships, your passion for God and things spiritual? What can you start doing today to refocus your life so you can stop neglecting these vital areas in your life?

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Photo credit: mørt’n via / CC BY