Living with Your Weak Places

I am dyslexic and as a result, reading and writing are very tedious for me. I naturally struggle to comprehend what I am reading, and trying to capture my thoughts in writing is a real struggle.

While these are real issues for me, I have lived most of my life trying not to let others see my weaknesses. I tried to appear as I perceived others to be: without weaknesses.

Why do we try so hard to not let others see our weak places? Why is it we always want to come across as strong and in control to those around us? Why do we deny our weak places when others point them out to us?

Something about our human nature makes us always want to appear perfect and in control. As a result we do everything we can to not let others see our flaws. The reality is we all have weak places. Places that make us feel inadequate and incapable. Rather than trying to appear to not have any, maybe you should learn how to embrace and live with them in a positive way. Here is how you can start doing just that.

Recognize and accept your weak places. It is important that you recognize your weak places. It might be how you handle money; how you manage or fail to manage conflict; how you struggle to allow others to get close to you. Whatever the weak place(s), the starting point is to recognize it and accept the fact that it is an area of struggle for you. We all have weak places; the sooner we recognize them and accept them, the sooner we will be able to handle them.

One way of doing this is to ask those closest to you for honest feedback of areas where they see you struggle.

Acceptance is important in dealing with weak places. When you accept your weak places you give up trying to pretend you don’t have them. As a result you gain confidence because you know where you need to reach out for help.

Recognizing and accepting your weak places does not give you an excuse to not try to do your best. Rather it now becomes a form of motivation for you to do better. You know what you want and how you want to do it. So now, rather than saying you can’t do as well as you would like, you reach out for the help you need to rise above your weak places.

I may be a slow reader and find writing difficult, but rather than not even try to write, I reach out to those who can help me rise above my weak places.

Had I not recognized and accepted my weak places, I would not have gained the confidence to reach out for help in order to do the best I can in this area where I struggle.

I have learned it takes far more energy to live in denial or try to hide my weak places than to recognize, accept and embrace them.

What are your weak places? Are you living in denial, telling yourself you don’t have any weaknesses, or do you know them but try to appear as if you don’t have any?

Take some time this week to explore your weak places and share them with someone who can help you take control of those places in your life.

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