Are You Doing Too Much, Are You Too Busy?

In today’s busy world it is common to think that unless you are crazy busy you are somehow not being effective or normal. Unfortunately, we have bought into the myth that busy is normal.

I recall a time in my life as a leader when I bought into that myth. I was on call 24/7 and felt I was needed; that gave me a sense of value. In the process, I neglected my family, my health, and my spiritual and psychological well-being.

What are some signs that you may be doing too much?

You are always rushing to get to your next appointment or activity. You are so busy you do not have time to process the previous activity before moving to the next. You should have breathing room between activities, especially if your activities are mentally and emotionally demanding.

You always feel tired. When was the last time you woke up feeling rested instead of feeling the need to sleep in? That rested feeling should not be the exception but the norm. You are doing too much when you cannot find time to regularly relax, rest and get enough sleep.

You and those you serve have to settle for your good rather than your best. You have so much to do you cannot give your best in any one thing and you know it. You come away from a task or an event knowing that you did not give your best and you feel badly about it.

You find yourself neglecting the important things in your life, like your family, your health, your spiritual, intellectual and/or psychological well-being.

You do not have the time to spend quality time with your family, time where they get your undivided attention with phones, computers, tablets and televisions turned off. You promise to attend your kids’ games and performances, but arrive late or not at all.

You do not have the time to eat healthily, instead you miss meals or you get fast food on the go. When you do not get time for regular physical exercise, or when you are sick, you cannot stay home and rest because you have too much to get done, you are too busy.

You do not have time to read to develop your intellect, rather everything you read is to meet a deadline for some project.

And you have no time to sit down with either a person or group on a regular basis and freely process what is on your mind. No one is an island. We all need to have regular times of processing in a mutually safe environment.

You have lost your sense of humor. You find yourself taking everything seriously and personally because you are doing too much and think everything has to be serious. A sense of humor is a good and necessary part of life.You should be able to laugh at yourself; you should also be able to see the funny things of life. I cannot imagine life without laughter. When was the last time you had a deep, uninhibited laugh?

You are losing the passion and excitement for what you do. You were once excited and full of life for what you are doing. But now your busyness has crushed the passion and excitement.

I am aware there are exceptions to the above observations. But that is what they should be: exceptions. If any of the above points are the norm for you, you are doing too much, you are too busy. And that is not normal.

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